VoIP 911


WebNet Memphis, Inc., dba WorldSpice Technologies (“WorldSpice”) and/or WorldSpice Communications, Inc., like all Telecom providers, is subject to an FCC requirement to provide notification of any 911/E911 limitations that may be associated with the interconnected VoIP service provided to your company.

There are critical differences between old traditional telephone service and interconnected VoIP service.

  • 911 emergency services will not be available in the event of a power failure.
  • 911 emergency services will not be available in the event of an internet failure.
  • There are severe limitations (details below) to 911 emergency services if you move your phone from its registered location.

Loss of 911 services due to power failure or internet connection failure:

Historically, telephone service has been powered by electrical power within the telephone network. If you subscribe to WorldSpice Voice services, power is supplied directly from the premise in which you are operating the telephone.

In the event of a commercial power outage, and if your building does not have a back-up power system, after all UPS systems are exhausted, your telephone service, including your 911, will not function until power is restored. Loss of power to your broadband gateway (through which your service is provided) will cause a loss of telephone and 911 services. Any internet connection failure will cause a loss of telephone and 911 services.

WorldSpice recommends that you always have an alternative means of accessing 911 during a power failure and/or an Internet connection failure.

To ensure that 911 calls are properly routed:

  • Do not move the equipment installed at your service location of record with WorldSpice to another location. Emergency services are set in the 911 database to go to your service location of record with WorldSpice regardless of where the equipment is located.
  •  Always state the telephone number and address that you are calling from to the 911 operator. The 911 operator receiving the emergency call may not be able to automatically identify your phone number and physical location and be able to call you back if the call is disconnected. Therefore you must specify the exact location of the emergency and the telephone number from which you are calling.
  • Contact WorldSpice Technical Support at 901-843-9300 when you plan to move your service location of record. Since your WorldSpice Voice service will not provide 911 services from another location, you MUST notify WorldSpice before you move the registered location of your service. To help remind you about the availability of 911 emergency services, we are providing a label that you should photo copy and place on or near your telephones or devices.

Download a PDF of this VoIP Disclosure

Download a PDF of the VoIP 911 Warning Label