Management Team

Paul Tomes, President & CEO

As President and CEO of WorldSpice Technologies, Paul's primary responsibilities include managing the ongoing strategic direction of the company, overseeing new product development and deployment, and researching strategies for new areas of growth. He's also influential in assisting in the development of new cutting edge, high-tech business solutions.

In 1996, Paul was a key member of a team of avid Internet entrepreneurs who formed the West Tennessee ISP Association. Paul is also a member of FISPA (Federation of Internet Solutions Providers of the Americas), a national ISP association.

Prior to co-founding WorldSpice in 1994, Paul held various engineering positions with Dover Elevator Corporation for 15 years. The last position he held was Senior Software Engineer.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Memphis, as well as degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology from State Technical Institute.

Blake A. Weber, COO

As COO, Blake oversees the Business Services segment of WorldSpice by managing the day-to-day functional operations. He also supervises the development of processes and daily workflow in order to optimize the ongoing delivery of products and services. An ongoing focus is expanding WorldSpice's customer support solutions.

At the onset of the Internet rage, Blake founded WebNet, a full-service Memphis ISP. WebNet merged with WorldSpice Technologies in 2000. Before that, he worked in the insurance industry, as well as estate and financial planning.

Blake graduated from The University of Arkansas and has since served as a volunteer in many areas. He helped form the West Tennessee ISP Association and served in the past as President of FISPA, a national ISP association. He currently lobbies state representatives for better and competitive services for all Tennesseans.