Wide Area Network Design

Wide Area Network Design and Installation

Let WorldSpice help connect your field offices and remote personnel to your home office through private frame relay networks or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Through a host of different access methods and a number of variables that will impact overall costs and network functionality, we can help you find a more cost efficient solution.

Wide Area Network (WAN) designs help you add services, expand capacity, and manage costs. Our experienced network engineers take all aspects of your goals into account with WAN design. We pay specific attention to network throughput, security, paid line charges and the inclusion of emerging technologies. These services are layered to create a network for you that provides redundancy, high throughput and remote control.

WANs are typically used to:

  • Build an intranet between remote offices and home offices
  • Connect companies with business suppliers via an extranet
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Conduct e-commerce

Whatever your network needs, and whatever the size of your network, WorldSpice can help you to improve cost effectiveness and service. The value of your business data is dependent on the value of your network. WorldSpice can help you improve on both.

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