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We offer hosting plans for all budgets!

The WorldSpice state-of-the-art network system is powerful and professionally managed. We utilize multiple connections to the Internet, high performance servers, and uninterruptible power. Daily backups guarantee your web site will be served up quickly and reliably. Select from a variety of plans to fit every need.

We stand by the quality of our equipment, support, and service, and we are not a reseller. We host our clients on multiple web servers from our multiple high speed connections to the Internet. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Our shared servers provide websites with redundant connectivity, 99% uptime and 24/7/365 monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.

Available Hosting Platforms & Features



Perl cgi-bin
Perl cgi-bin
Microsoft SQL 2005, 2008
Access DB, ODBC

Web Hosting Plans

To get started, all you need to do is choose the level of service you need. You can upgrade your account at any time.

All Plans - Basic Features

All hosting plans are available on both our Linux and Windows server platforms. All plans, regardless of platform, include CGI capability with Perl available, and web access statistics. Sites hosted on our Linux servers have the PHP programming language available, and sites on our Windows servers have ASP, PHP, and the .NET environment. Hosting plans C & D offer extra features for e-commerce merchants and businesses.

Summary of Features

Bandwidth All Plans
PHP / ASP All Plans
CGI capability All Plans
Perl cgi-bin All Plans
Web statistics All Plans
.NET Plans B C & D
PostgreSQL DB (Linux) Plans C & D
MySQL DB (Linux) Plans B C & D
SQL 2008 (Windows) Plan D
Access ODBC (Windows) Plans B C & D
SSL Hosting Plans C & D

Plan A - Basic Web Hosting

The basic web hosting package is ideal for websites that are self-developed and self-maintained, but you want to establish a professional presence on the Internet. With our inexpensive basic web hosting account, you'll have all the features you need to have a fully functional, dynamic, interactive website. In addition to generous disk space and data transfer, you also receive 24/7 customer support and customizable email accounts.

This plan includes 100 megabytes of storage space!

Plan B - Standard Web Hosting

This package was designed for websites that have been professionally designed, and are larger than one page. Our standard web hosting package combines outstanding value with features that include more disk space and data transfer compared to our basic hosting plan.

This plan includes 250 megabytes of storage space!

Plans C & D - Premium/E-Commerce Hosting

Our electronic commerce packages are totally integrated solutions for web-based merchants or business that are interested in generating additional revenue by selling their products and services online. These packages includes double or quadruple the amount of disk space of the basic web hosting account, data transfer, and email accounts. You can also see who's visiting what pages monthly with our site traffic reports.

Plan C includes PostgreSQL database access on our Linux servers, and plan D includes SQL 2008 and Access ODBC on Windows servers. Both plans offer SSL hosting. Plan C includes 500 megabytes of storage, and Plan D includes a whopping 1 gigabyte and SQL hosting!

Custom Plans

If you need other arrangements or a custom built plan, please contact us so we can put together a perfect plan for you.