Spam & Virus Filtering

Worldspice Spam and Virus Filtering

Are spam emails slowing you down? You need email virus protection!

WorldSpice offers an award-winning spam blocking and virus protection system to provide you with one of the best solutions available today.

This email security system:

  • Detects and diverts junk email and email-borne viruses before messages clear the SMTP process and reach your computer
  • Users have personal control over their own white and blacklists
  • Requires no new hardware or software

Our system proactively protects your email system at the perimeter of the network. Within milliseconds, our award winning email solution separates spam and viruses from legitimate messages. Here's how it works:

  1. Inbound emails from attackers and spammers goes straight to a holding spot for spam email and email-borne viruses and stays there until you delete it or click on "deliver" so it will be delivered to your email system. After 15 days of sitting in quarantine, these emails are automatically deleted.
  2. Legitimate email is instantly passed on to the destination mail server.
  3. Suspicious email can either be quarantined or tagged and delivered--these options can be set up in "account settings".
  4. The entire process is fully automated and virtual (i.e. on the web).

This system filters more than 95% of spam and other email-borne viruses before they reach your network, securing both SMTP connections and content. It's this type of performance and ease-of-use that makes WorldSpice the email security solution of choice.

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  • Cost Effective, No Risk
  • Quick, Easy Implementation
  • No additional hardware, software, or ongoing maintenance
  • All updating is done automatically at no additional cost
  • More Personalized Control
  • Highly Secure
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Large, Satisfied Customer Base

WorldSpice email and network experts constantly monitor evolving spammer tactics to ensure customers have the most accurate and effective spam and virus filtering possible.

Does our processing delay message delivery?

Unlike other "store and forward" solutions using standard email server technology; with WorldSpice, messages are processed in real-time--literally within milliseconds--so there is no detectable latency.

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For more information about this service, please contact us at 901-843-9300 or via email, at You'll be glad you did! Isn't it about time to put an end to spam?