Server Colocation in Memphis, TN

Server Colocation

     You provide the hardware.

     We provide the dedicated, high speed Internet connection and server space.

Locate your web server in our state-of-the-art data center and use our bandwidth. The WorldSpice colocation space was designed for a wide range of potential customers. Choose between space for one server, a half rack, or a full rack of server space. Managed or unmanaged colocation services are available.

Our colocation service allows you to actually have a dedicated web server without all of the headaches, complexities, and cost usually associated with running your own network. The server will be located in our network operations center, which is connected to redundant multiple gigabit connections.

Since 1994, we have provided competitive bandwidth pricing, free reboots, backup generator power, and a temperature controlled, secure environment.

The use of our colocation facilities can help solve the problems of security, Internet congestion, and local loop charges, while increasing the speed of data delivery by housing data communications equipment right at the point-of-presence (POP).  Contact us today for a custom quote!

Managed server colocation


Standard features of the WorldSpice Colocation Service include:

  • Internet connectivity through WorldSpices' multiple gigabit network connections utilizing Cisco high bandwidth routers.
  • High reliability, with excellent network uptime (99.9%).
  • A dedicated 10/100mbps switched Ethernet port.
  • Full technical support for the network (including 24/7 emergency support).
  • Secure, temperature-controlled premises.
  • Secured rack space for email and/or other web server(s).
  • Multiple platform server hardware connectivity (TCP/IP and Ethernet connectivity required).
  • Network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security camera surveillance 24/7.
  • Controlled office alarm system.
  • Security guard protection services.