Domain Registration & Transfer

Domain Name Registration

Have you registered your WWW address?

Our Customer Service support personnel can assist you with registering a domain name (i.e. ".com", ".net", ".org", etc.) You can register a domain name for a period of 1-10 years. .BIZ and .INFO names must be registered for a minimum of 2 years. Your domain name information will begin to be updated on Internet computers within 24 hours of registration, and will be recognized by computers all over the world within approximately 48 hours.

What is a domain name?

A domain name provides you with an online identity, or address, on the Internet. It helps you to find and to be found. For example, our domain name is When a server is searching for something on the World Wide Web, it looks for a string of digits known as an IP network address, (example: A domain name is the text translation of this IP address--easier to remember than a string of digits.

Once a domain name has been registered, no one else can use that name. Because so many companies have similar names, it is important to register a suitable domain name as soon as possible, before someone else registers it.

Is your domain still available?

With over 300 million domain names registered, 30,000 domains being registered every day, and domain name squatting becoming increasingly popular, it is vital that you purchase your domain name now. If the name you want is not already registered, we recommend that you register it today!

What rules apply in registering a domain name?

Choose from all the letters of the English alphabet, any numbers, and the dash (-).

  • A domain name address must begin and end with a letter or a number.
  • No spaces or other characters are allowed.
  • Domain names are NOT case sensitive, so most just use lower case letters.
  • Two character domain names can only be registered if they are the registered trademark of that company.

How do I renew my domain name?

When your domain name is up for renewal, you will be sent a renewal notice from the Registrar (relevant naming authority), in the mail or via an email, with instructions on how to renew.

Beware of fraudulent renewal notices from other companies. These "renewal" notices are actually trying to get you to transfer your domain name to their company. The only renewal notice you need to worry about will come from a domain name registry.

Domain Transfer

Your domain name(s) will need to be transferred if:

  • You want to host your web site with WorldSpice.
  • You want WorldSpice to host your email.
  • You want WorldSpice to set up email aliases
    (i.e. mary @, jsmith @, and so on.)

If you already have a domain name registered and hosted with another Internet service provider, it can easily be transferred to WorldSpice.

Only the owner of the domain name may request a transfer. Once this is done and visible on a domain WHOIS, WorldSpice will be able to modify the DNS settings for the domain. Please allow up to 48 hours for the DNS to propagate and for the domain to become visible on the Internet. Please make sure you have the account username and contact password when you contact WorldSpice.