VPN Support

VPN Support

Virtual Private Networking greatly simplifies the logistical issues presented by adding new offices.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends the corporate network out to remote users (distant offices, telecommuters, traveling salespeople, business partners, etc.) allowing them to connect to it through the Internet. They have the same access to workstations or networks inside of your organization that they would have if they were physically present and connected to the internal network.

A VPN solution can be used to replace a costly frame relay network or leased lines, securely and easily. For enhanced security, data is encrypted while it is sent through the public Internet.

Benefits of VPN Service:

  • Users can access necessary information from remote locations.
  • Data is secured using industry standard methods (IPSEC, DES, etc.)
  • Can be added to your existing network.
  • Can be easily redesigned or expanded in response to changing business needs.
  • More cost effective than leased lines or frame relay networks.

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