Memphis T1 Lines

Combine Voice and Data on one line.

Tired of dealing with DSL and Cable?

Switch to a T1 line - it's Symmetrical and Reliable.
Symmetrical means that your upload and download speeds are the same.

Why T1?

Ideal for small and medium-size business customers that need a reliable high speed connectivity to the Internet or an additional link in their virtual or real private network.

  • Availability: a T1 line is available anywhere (unlike DSL or cable);
  • Dedicated Line: T1 connections provide reliable bandwidth that frees you of slow connections during peak usage hours, like cable or DSL;
  • Stability: T1 lines are known for their solid reliability and unbeatable performance (you're not in a shared environment);
  • Symmetrical: a full T1 transfers data at 1.544mbps symmetrically (meaning your upload and download speeds are the same);

      ► Ask about bonding T1's for faster speeds!

Multiple Office Locations?

No problem. We'll provide a free consultation - just give us a call. For more details call 901-843-9300. A senior client strategist will identify the Internet options for each office location and help you streamline your efforts, with competitive pricing.

Why WorldSpice?

To provision T1 service, WorldSpice provides a "local loop" between your premises and the nearest central office (CO). From this CO, your data is transported on a state-of-the-art optical network to a WorldSpice point of presence (POP). From the POP, your data is either routed directly to the Internet or kept within a private network for internal communication with your business' other branch offices and/or telecommuters.

Established in 1994 in Memphis, we've remained locally owned and operated. Our tech support team is also Memphis-based. Because your Internet or voice connection is important to your business, you'll appreciate having a provider that is local. Most of the time, the human voice that you hear answering our phone will be the actual person who helps you! And if you call back for anything, chances are you will be able to speak to the exact same person again.

All technology occasionally fails; however, WorldSpice has service technicians available to get you up and running. It may take longer for your national ISP due to many reasons, along with greater distance in their service area.

  • Speed and Location!
  • We're a LOCAL Memphis company.
  • Faster customer service.