Diverse Link

Experience a whole new dimension in Internet connectivity.

What is Diverse Link?

Diverse Link is a WorldSpice Internet connectivity service that offers high speed Internet access using multiple T1 lines with diverse connections from different telecom carriers, up to 6 Mbps.

Diverse Link (T1 & T1 combined 3Mbps)


Our Diverse Link bonded product is excellent for customers who need carrier diversity and high single-session transfer speeds. The standard product includes two T1 circuits, provisioned by separate local providers that we bond together for service twice as fast as a standard T1 (3Mbps, instead of 1.5Mbps.) Having two circuits provides fault tolerance: if one circuit goes out of service, the remaining circuit will still provide Internet & Voice services at 1.5Mbps.

Technical Overview:

This Diverse Link product utilizes multilink PPP to "bond" multiple T1 circuits into a single, high-speed virtual interface. Up to four T1 circuits can be bonded, providing up to 6Mbps of Internet service. The standard Diverse Link package includes two circuits, providing 3Mbps.

Ensuring Network Uptime

Our Diverse Link T1 service is the perfect solution for companies that need reliability, additional redundancy, and cost-effective higher bandwidth.


Reliable Connectivity

This is the perfect solution. If one T1 service provider goes down, the other T1 line, powered by a different Telco carrier, will continue providing connectivity. (Available in most areas.)

Additional Redundancy

Multi-homed dual T1's from two different access providers help ensure continuous availability by providing a primary and secondary connection to the Internet. The last mile may ride in on AT&T copper and take the same physical path.

24/7 Tech Support

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